Managing workers at risk of electrical hazards is a significant responsibility. By making electrical safety education and training a top priority, you’re empowered to make informed decisions that help minimize the chance of accidents and costly violations. When electrical workplace safety is your priority, look to NFPA.

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NEW! 2021 NFPA 70E®
Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace®
NEW! 2021 NFPA 70E®
Handbook for Electrical Safety in the Workplace
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NEW! 2021 NFPA 70E®
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2018 NFPA 70E®

Handbook for Electrical Safety in the Workplace

2018 NFPA 70E®

Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace®


From live virtual trainings to electrical certifications, discover the various options available to help you advance your understanding and knowledge of electrical workplace safety. Browse the full suite of NFPA 70E® products and solutions here. Browse the full suite of 70E products and solutions here.

Digital Access to NFPA 70E® Available Through NFPA LiNK™

Transform the way you work with NFPA LiNK™, the digital tool that brings the NFPA knowledge base to you in real-time and at your fingertips. NFPA LiNK™ includes the complete 2021 edition of NFPA 70E online, along with other essential codes and supporting content.

Enhance your productivity and efficiency with NFPA LiNK™ features such as:

  • A step-by-step situational navigator that guides you to the information you need based on the task at hand
  • Personalized and organized virtual workspaces for keeping curated content, personal notations, and more at your fingertips
  • Seamless sharing and collaboration across projects, teams, and clients to ensure everyone is informed and in coordination

Watch our video to learn more. Sign up with one of our flexible subscription options, or try NFPA LiNK™ for free with our limited-time, 14-day trial. Let NFPA LiNK™ help you find the information you need quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to work.

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Certified Electrical Safety Technician (CEST)
Certified Electrical Safety Worker (CESW)
Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional (CESCP)

Certify Expertise in Electrical Safety

Help ensure you and your team have the knowledge and confidence to mitigate risks and minimize incidents by applying vital electrical safety criteria. NFPA offers three distinctive certification programs based on NFPA 70E®. These programs provide the ability to:

  • Prove an employee’s commitment to understanding critical electrical safety concepts
  • Demonstrate an aptitude for greater responsibility and career advancement
  • Reduce costly downtime and maximize productivity
  • Earn customer trust and stand out from the competition

Get connected with a sales representative to learn how we can support your company in its safety goals today. Call the NFPA sales team toll-free at +1 877 336-3280 (US and Canada) or +1 508-895-8367 (international), or email us.

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You can still increase your skillset (or your entire team's) while working from home. you can choose from a variety of learning options, including Live Virtual trainings as well as Online courses. NFPA® class content has been adapted for optimal online learning. Stay ahead of the curve and register for a class today. 


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In 2011, electrician Brandon Schroeder survived an arc flash explosion just 18 inches from his face. Watch this powerful video interview as he warns about the dire consequences of not following safe work practices. Learn more about the Faces of Fire/Electrical campaign.