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Presented by industry subject matter experts, NFPA® webinars explore fire and life safety research, innovations, and industry developments. Learn about important technical changes in NFPA codes and standards and stay up to date on fire protection, life safety, health care, electrical safety, wildfire, and fire safety research topics.

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Upcoming webinars
Considerations for Warehouse Fire Safety

Wednesday, November 4, 1 p.m. EDT
The topic of warehouse fire safety has always been an important one.  Recently, several large warehouse fires have brought this topic to the forefront.Join NFPA® as we discuss with a panel of industry experts some of the key considerations for warehouse fire safety.Topics such as commodity classification, ESFR sprinkler design and limitations, management of change, and the importance of ITM will be covered with plenty of opportunity for Q&A with our panel members.This is a webinar that you do not want to miss!


Using Data to Inform Crowd Management

Thursday, November 12, 12:30 p.m. EDT
Crowd management has been a long-standing life safety challenge for both fire-related and non-fire emergencies in assembly occupancies. The lack of data-informed situational awareness to identify rapid changes in crowd density, movement, and other behaviors presents challenges to crowd managers. Although tramplings, crowd crushes, and other disasters lead to civilian deaths every year, modern technologies can enhance existing crowd management strategies. This webinar will present a proof-of-concept tool for data-informed crowd management and decision support, highlighting the collection, analysis, visualization, and reporting of crowd movement to inform near real-time crowd management strategies.

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