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  • February 2019
    Home Sprinklers as Incentives, Opting Out of Sprinkler Requirements, and more
  • January 2019
    More towns pass fire sprinkler requirements | Using media for advocacy | Australia now requires fire sprinklers in certain residences


  • December 2018
    Sprinkler opponents' claims on high cost are only part of the problem; new report points to main cause of home fires and injuries; working smoke alarm found in home where five children died from fire
  • November 2018
    Stop inflating installation costs; #CloseBeforeYouDose; city passes on home fire sprinklers, for now
  • October 2018
    Burn survivor irked by statement on "knee-jerk" reaction to code requirements; fire chief: sprinkler industry needs to better promote their product; city council votes "no" on fire sprinklers
  • September 2018
    Where are the fire sprinklers in builder's new "smart" homes?; town joins many others in passing sprinkler requirements this year; city's fire codes called into question following deaths of eight children
  • August 2018
    State strips key safety requirements from new building and fire codes; Commentary: debate on furniture flame retardants must include fire sprinklers; nine steps for promoting financial incentives for sprinklers to developers
  • July 2018 
    Deadly home fire involving five children occurs in state considering sprinkler requirement; story on family's home fire tragedy and aftermath gets national attention; homebuilders convince village to place sprinkler vote on hold
  • June 2018
    How the homebuilding industry approved a new home fire sprinkler requirement in Las Vegas; builder amazes safety advocates by fire sprinklering community's new homes
  • May 2018
    U.S., Canada unite during first Home Fire Sprinkler Day; learn the science behind fire spread in today's new homes; find answers to frequently asked questions on NFPA 13D
  • April 2018 
    Trump Tower fire prompts safety advocate to reinforce need for sprinklers in all settings; Red Cross survey identifies disturbing misconceptions about home fires; once battling sprinkler requirements, former homebuilder now embraces them
  • March 2018
    Alarming statistic on home fires reinforces need for home fire sprinklers; how did a fire marshal help secure a fire sprinkler requirement?; Las Vegas City Council passes ordinance to sprinkler its new homes
  • February 2018
    Home Fire Sprinkler Day is set for May 19; new report gives examples of fire sprinklers saving lives; this city recently passed a sprinkler requirement for new homes
  • January 2018
    Sprinkler incentives in new tax act get tremendous praise; our website gets a revamp; refusing to stay silent, sprinkler advocate comments on eight fire deaths in two days

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