March/April issue of NFPA Journal explores protection challenges for emerging building types, focuses on industrial and storage occupancies

March 9, 2017 – The latest issue of NFPA Journal®, the official magazine for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), examines the proliferation of unconventional buildings and the unique fire and life safety challenges they pose. This issue also dives into industrial and storage occupancies, with a closer look at the 2015 fire in a GE appliance warehouse in Louisville, Kentucky, that resulted in an estimated $110 million in losses.

In “The Outliers,” the cover story on unconventional buildings, NFPA Journal analyzes the new protection and response challenges associated with emerging building types, from tiny houses to pencil skyscrapers. The Journal’s coverage of issues related to industrial and storage occupancies includes an update on a new NFPA guide for confined-space safety, as well the GE warehouse story that illustrates what can happen when sprinkler systems do not keep up with changes to a building’s occupancy use. 

Also featured in this issue:

  • Conference and Expo preview – The Journal previews the 2017 Conference & Expo in Boston with details on key themes, along with news and highlights.
  • Bigger and better “Dispatches” section – The front-of-book Dispatches section has expanded, and now gives readers even more news from NFPA and beyond. This edition features a story on NFPA’s new survey of local fire departments and their wildfire preparedness—and the findings that indicate that many departments do not consider themselves prepared to handle grass, brush, and forest fires.

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