Council of Canadian Fire Marshals Fire Commissioners and the National Fire Protection Association bring electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicle safety training for emergency responders to Canada

Council of Canadian Fire Marshals Fire CommissionersMay 10, 2016 – The Council of Canadian Fire Marshals Fire Commissioners (CCFMFC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are pleased to announce that they have signed a license agreement to deliver an Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicle Safety Training Program for Emergency Responders throughout Canada based on materials originally developed by NFPA for U.S. first responders.

As the number of electric and hybrid vehicles on Canadian roads continue to rise, so does the need to ensure that emergency first responders are trained to safely respond to related emergency situations. The gap in electric vehicle safety training for Canadian first responders was highlighted in the industry-led, federal government-coordinated document, Electric Vehicle Technology Roadmap for Canada.

Canadian fire, police, emergency medical services, tow truck operators and other first responders will have access to a variety of relevant materials, including train-the-trainer and in-classroom sessions, resources, and emergency field guides that provide responders with a quick reference on how to handle AFV incidents on-scene. These materials are being made available to career and volunteer firefighters as a result of license agreements between CCFMFC and NFPA.

One of the challenges that needed to be overcome was that the training program had to be made available in Canada’s two official languages, English and French. Thanks to the support of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), the training materials will now be available throughout Canada in both official languages. “SCC was pleased to invest in this standardization initiative, given its significance for both Canada and the United States,” said John Walter, SCC’s chief executive officer. “By making standardized electric vehicle safety training available across North America, we are taking the fundamental steps to keep drivers and emergency personnel safe.”

CCFMFC President Harold Pothier said, “CCFMFC acknowledges and thanks SCC who invested in this worthwhile initiative to ensure that electric vehicle training would be available in Canada.  We also recognize and are grateful for the dedication of NFPA Canadian Director, Shayne Mintz who worked with CCFMFC to secure the licensing agreement for this important Canadian training program.”  

“NFPA’s alternative fuel vehicle training program has been a valuable resource in the U.S. and we are pleased to support Canadian emergency responders by expanding the program across North America. Working with local agencies to create this first-of-its kind, Canada-wide first responder training program demonstrates NFPA’s focus on delivering critical information across the globe to keep the public and first responders safe,” said Jim Pauley, NFPA’s president.

The CCFMFC and the NFPA also wish to acknowledge the important support and technical expertise provided by Transport Canada’s ecoTechnology for Vehicles Program.

CCFMFC will now commence work with the appropriate provincial and territorial training authorities who have invested in this project to introduce the emergency first responder training to Canada as early as this summer. 

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