Author(s): Jesse Roman. Published on July 1, 2015.

Grill Thrill
NFPA cooks up a new online package devoted to grilling safety. 

SUMMERTIME GRILLING is an American pastime on par with apple pie and baseball. Three out of five households in the United States include a gas grill, according to NFPA’s “Home Fires Involving Cooking Equipment” report, but how many owners of those outdoor cooking appliances actually practice safe grilling?

According to the NFPA report, an average of 8,800 home fires are caused by grilling each year, and close to half of all injuries involving grills are thermal burns. In 2012, nearly 17,000 people visited emergency rooms around the country as a result of grilling-related injuries. July is the peak month for grilling fires, followed by May, June, and August.

If you have any questions on grilling safety, NFPA has an entire web site devoted to the topic, where you can find safety tips, statistics, and other useful information. The site includes NFPA’s new grilling safety video, where everyday people are tested on their grilling safety knowledge, such as where to place the grill, what to do if the wind blows out the flame, and how to properly turn off the grill. It’s all sizzling away on the grilling webpage on NFPA.

JESSE ROMAN is staff writer for NFPA Journal.