NFPA Journal - January / February 2014
January / February 2014 Health Care Occupancies

This health care-themed issue includes features on barrier separations in hospitals and other health care occupancies, and on a new book detailing the impact of Hurricane Katrina on a New Orleans hospital. Our cover story examines the usefulness—and the potential pitfalls—of social media during large-scale emergencies.


Are You Prepared

As the public increasingly turns to social tools during emergencies, emergency planners and first responders must integrate comprehensive social media plans into their communications strategies.

Barrier Smarts

Problems related to improper fire and smoke barriers are among the top deficiencies in health care facilities across the United States. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your facility complies.

Life and Death at Memorial

In her remarkable new book, Five Days at Memorial, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Sheri Fink takes a close look at a hospital’s life-anddeath struggle during Hurricane Katrina.

Perfect Storm

Last spring, a fire in an office building in La Farge, Wisconsin, provided a cautionary tale about the risks of fighting fires in structures built with sustainable construction materials.

In Compliance

In Compliance - NFPA 13

Sprinkler protection in the MRI room.

In Compliance - NFPA 101

Disagreement exists over a proposal to increase the size of smoke compartments in hospitals

In Compliance - NFPA 70E

Why provisions are different for health care facilities.

In Compliance - NFPA 72

Planning your system testing and maintenance needs to reduce health care facility costs.


First Responder

Finding common ground among the first responder community, regardless of the uniforms we wear.


How do we manage information so that useful data can be integrated into firefighters’ job performance before, during, and after a fire?


Addressing the behaviors of older people that can lead to falls.

Wildfire Watch

Molly Mowery reflects on the Fire Adapted Community message: Making sure that communities are prepared so that fewer resources are needed to protect them.


First Word

The year behind, the year ahead.


Ken Peterson and Scott McLellan discuss their efforts to expand the use of residential sprinklers in Minnesota.

News + Analysis

In A Flash

New signage commemorates the site of the Cocoanut Grove Fire.


Smoking material fire damages apartment building.

Looking Back

Disaster in the Gulf of Tonkin.