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March / April 2013 Industrial + Storage Occupancies

Why so much depends on NFPA-certified marine chemists; Duane Pearsall and his accidental smoke detector; 'Mommy's on fire. Call 911'


Big Retailer Big Storage Big Hazard Big Challenge

The international retailer IKEA joins insurers, sprinkler manufacturers, and other stakeholders in devising protection criteria for hazardous stored products that they hope can soon be included in NFPA 13, Installation of Sprinkler Systems.

Vigilant Eye

How NFPA-certificated marine chemists make sure that work done in shipyards and aboard vessels is conducted safely.

Where There's Smoke

Home fire safety was the furthest thing from Duane Pearsall’s mind on the day in 1963 when he stumbled upon a technology that seemed to hold promise for use in smoke detectors. Tens of thousands of saved lives later, his contributions are remembered.


First Word

NFPA's commitment to nightclub safety.


ESPN anchor Hannah Storm’s willingness to be candid about her burn injuries is already having an impact on grilling safety.


In a Flash

In the wake of a deadly nightclub fire, NFPA discusses possible code adoption with fire officials in Brazil.


Fire heavily damages a Washington office building.

Looking Back

Death on the River

Fire Analysis and Research

Home Candle Fires



Does the pace of technological change make it harder for fire protection to keep up with emerging hazards?

Structural Ops

An incident action plan is critical to life safety, extinguishment, and property conservation operations.


Fire alarm systems and the systems that interconnect with them.

Electrical Safety

NFPA 110 provides performance requirements for emergency systems.

Heads Up

More on the challenges posed by high-volume, low-speed fans for sprinkler designers and installers.

In Compliance

Requirements for interior finishes are in the Life Safety Code® for good reason.


Every home fire affects real people.

Wildfire Watch

Why wildland fire safety planning must include all segments of society.