January / February 2012 The Dangers of Too Much Stuff

Fire dangers associated with "hoarding"; Preventing operating room fires; NFPA 418, Heliports; Common design, maintenance, and operational deficiencies of health care occupancies in the Life Safety Code.


Deficiencies and Eqivalencies

Common design, maintenance, and operational deficiencies of health care occupancies and provisions in newer editions of the Life Safety Code can help you comply with CMS and TJC requirements.

Heliport Help

Proponents of safer heliports call for stronger regulations designed to ensure heliport safety, and the 2011 edition of NFPA 418, Heliports, gives them a new tool for proactive regulatory authority.

Operation Fire Safety

A new FDA initiative teaches health care professionals the causes of operating room fires and highlights safety procedures that match provisions in NFPA 99 and NFPA 101.

The Dangers of Too Much Stuff

Compulsive hoarding isn’t new, but a growing awareness of the problem may allow firefighters to play a role in dealing with dangerous hoarding situations.


First Word

Enabling the enforcers


A homebuilder becomes an outspoken advocate for residential sprinklers.


In A Flash

For fire officials, concern and frustration over the Occupy sites — and relief in the wake of widespread evictions.


Woman, two children die in home fire

Looking Back

In the wake of the 1929 Cleveland Clinic fire, stricter standards for storing hazardous materials.

Fire Analysis and Research

Research + Analysis Summaries Home fires involving heating equipment.



A project reveals new-product entry barriers in residential construction.

Structural Ops

Remembering a mentor, and the importance of studying past fires.


Ensuring that fire alarm system designs meet more than fire protection goals.

Electrical Safety

NFPA is committed to making sure the NEC keeps pace with the EV revolution.

Heads Up

NFPA 25 has reversed its concerns about testing backflow preventers.

In Compliance

Changes to NFPA 101 recognize changes in long-term care facilities.


Things to consider when teaching young children about fire safety.

Wildfire Watch

A new column devoted to NFPA’s commitment to wildfire management.