November / December 2011 The Making of a Standard

The making of NFPA 56(PS); U.S. firefighter injuries in 2010; 2010 large-loss fires; NFPA 13 and permissable spinkler omissions.


2010 Firefighter Injury Narratives

Highlights of injuries received by on-duty firefighters.

2010 Large-Loss Fire Incidents

The following is a complete list of large-loss fires, which are listed in descending order of loss amount in each category.

NFPA 13 and Permissible Sprinkler Omissions

Certain kinds of spaces in certain kinds of structures do not have to be protected by sprinkler systems.

The Making of a Standard

How NFPA devised a fast-track process to create the new NFPA 56 (PS), Fire and Explosion Prevention During Cleaning and Purging of Flammable Gas Piping Systems.

US Firefighter Injuries in 2010

Last year, 71,875 firefighter injuries occurred in the line of duty.

US Large-Loss Fires in 2010

The Fourmile Canyon Fire near Boulder, Colorado, topped the list of the most expensive fires in terms of property loss in 2010.


First Word

Closing the gap


Call them teachable moments if you must: What we can learn when things go all pear-shaped in the design and installation of fire protection systems.


In A Flash

The push for residential sprinklers gains momentum in Massachusetts.


Fire spreads from balcony into concealed spaces

Looking Back

The road to automatic fire sprinkler systems.


The 70E Connection

Jumping through hoops on the way to safe electrical work practices.


Understanding the hazards posed by lithium ion battery storage.

Structural Ops

Risk vs. benefit in the determination of an imminent life hazard.


Important code changes for firefighter communications.

Heads Up

Sprinkler protection of elevators and machine rooms.

In Compliance

NFPA 101 and provisions for lockups.


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