May / June 2006 Buncefield oil depot incident

A case study of the Buncefield oil depot blaze; What's new in NFPA 72; Enhancing life safety through mass notification; NFPA and fire-safe cigarettes; Amusement park security measures.

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Buncefield oil depot incident

A case study examines one of the largest fires to erupt in England since World War II.
Roy Wilsher


US firefighter fatalities in 2005 - Online Preview
In 2005, a total of 87 on-duty firefighter deaths occurred in the U.S. The 87 on-duty deaths represent the lowest total since 1993, and the third lowest death toll since NFPA began tracking these deaths in 1977.
Rita F. Fahy & Paul R. LeBlanc

Firefighter fatality incidents - Online Preview
An in-depth look at some of 2005's fatalities.
Rita F. Fahy & Paul R. LeBlanc

How Much Oxidizer Do You Really Need On Site? - Online Exclusive
The most popular retail pool chemical presents severe challenges to manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
Phillip Ford

Seismic changes to NFPA 13 - Online Exclusive
The landscape is shifting
Christian Dubay, P.E.

What’s New in 72?
Significant changes to the 2007 edition of the National Fire Alarm Code
Raymond A. Grill, P.E., FSFPE

N-I-T-M-A-M spells progress
ROP/ROC/NITMAM process overview for 2006 World Safety Conference and Exposition
John Nicholson

Responding to emergencies
Enhancing life safety through mass notification
Bruce Fraser and Randall Burgess

Liquefied natural gas
Where in a LNG vapor cloud is the flammable concentration relative to the visible cloud boundary?
Phani K. Raj

Inspection, testing and maintenance
NFPA 25: Getting it implemented and enforced
Michael Friedman, P.E.

The genesis of a coalition
NFPA and fire-safe cigarettes
John Nicholson

Security technology in the modern amusement park
Security plays a critical role in an amusement park's success
Lauris Freidenfelds


Why the National Fire Alarm Code® changes
Wayne Moore
Mail Call
Letters to the Editor
First Word
New Coalition and a call to action
James M. Shannon
Risk Watch® Safe Community
Sandra Araujo
Roofer ignites church with propane torch
Kenneth Tremblay
Safety and security in roadway tunnels
Kathleen H. Almand, P.E., FSFPE
Heads Up
Pitching of sprinkler pipe
Russell P. Fleming, P.E.
Structural Ops
Effective communication and command
Russ Sanders & Ben Klaene
In Compliance
‘Are you sure this is the Code you want?’
Chip Carson