NFPA Journal March / April 2004 cover
March / April 2004

Dry-Pipe Sprinkler Software, Robots to the Rescue, California's Wildfire Woes, Safer Nightlife.

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Dry-Pipe Sprinkler Software
Taking the guesswork out of the numerous variables that impact the water delivery time of dry-pipe fire sprinkler systems.
James Golinveaux, P.E.


Robots to the Rescue
Innovation, say developers, is the key to robots meeting the challenges life safety often presents.
Latayne Scott

California's Wildfire Woes
A look at the region's brush-covered foothills that dominate the landscape is a reminder that there's still lots of work to be done.
Jennifer C. Berkshire


Integrating fire alarm and fire protection systems
Wayne D. Moore
Ins and Outs
A better and online catalog
Jenna Padula
Five NFPA documents for Homeland Security
John Nicholson
Just Ask
Professional certification highlights your skills
Bob Ruscitto
Fire Watch
Fire sprinkler extinguishes museum fire
Ken Tremblay
Looking Back NFPA 13, Installation of Sprinkler Systems
John Nicholson
First Word
Nursing homes need comprehensive fire protection
James M. Shannon, President
On the Agenda
June a big month for seminars
Erik Holden
Heads Up
Fire sprinklers in the Matrix
Russell P. Fleming
Out Reach
Vigilance needed when using candles
Judy Comoletti
In Compliance
Installing fire sprinklers in residential occupancies
Chip Carson
Structural Ops
Big-box stores rely on fire sprinkler protection
Russ Sanders & Ben Klaene
Inside the Beltway
Mandating federal standards for upholstery
Stephen Barlas