November / December 2003

NFPA 5000 Bound for California, Remote-Area Calculations, Unconventional High-Rise Evacuations, In-Drain Hangar Protection, I-5 Gasoline Tanker Fire

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California Bound
NFPA guides California after it adopts NFPA 5000™ and NFPA 1.
John Nicholson


Thinking Outside the Rectangle
The remote area in hydraulic calculations requires more of fire protection engineers
Steven Scandaliato

New Way Out Ideas
A hard look at unconventional means of evacuation from high-rise buildings.
Joseph Zicherman


Building to Code
Mission: Performance-based options
Jerry Wooldridge
Inside the Beltway
Strong prospects for Right-to-Know Act
Stephen Barlas
Challenge of nightclub fire alarm systems
Wayne D. Moore
Ins and Outs
Back to the drawing board
Jenna Padula
Game over for ‘zippotricks'
John Nicholson
Just Ask
An update on NFPA Update
Brian Mills
Fire Watch
Fire sprinkler extinguishes arson fire in Florida
Kenneth J. Tremblay
Looking Back
...at the Iroquois Theater fire, Chicago, Illinois
John Nicholson
FIrst Word
In Holmes County, simple steps were taken to prevent future tragedies
James M. Shannon
On the Agenda
Cost-effective E-learning for professionals
Erik Holden
Heads Up
Five years later
Russell P. Fleming
Fire safety, front and center
Amy LeBeau
In Compliance
Open flame devices and other ignition sources
Chip Carson
Structural Ops
The ultimate life-safety challenge
Russ Sanders & Ben Klaene