July / August 2002

Assisted Living Facilities, 2001 Firefighter Fatalities, Tropical Storm Hits Houston Hospitals, White-Powder Scares, Anthrax Lessons, USFA’s Paulison.

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Long-Term Fire Safety Care
NFPA standards guide life safety for many assisted-living facilities.
Alisa Wolf


2001 Firefighter Fatalities Report
Have better equipment and gaps in training, experience, and procedures at structure fires driven firefighter deaths back up to a 25-year-old level?
Rita F. Fahy, PhD, and Paul R. LeBlanc

Atmospheric Pressure
Houston-area hospitals learned how prepared they were when faced with one of the biggest storms in a century.
John R. Paradise


Do Minimum Codes and Standards Affect Quality?
Fourteen points provide guidance in the "quality versus cost" struggle.
Wayne D. Moore
Just Ask
Using Extinguishing Agents Properly
Keep in mind these tips when choosing an extinguishing agent for a medical facility.
Mark Conroy
Fire Watch
Discarded cigarette leads to motel death in Maine
Ken Tremblay
Looking Back
...at fires in health-care facilities
John Nicholson
First Word
New Beginnings
James M. Shannon
Fall Education Conference Heads to Atlanta
Enhance your career at more than 40 seminars and have fun, too.
Brian Benstock
Heads Up
Predicting Water Delivery in Dry-Pipe Systems
Change to NFPA 13 allows for the use of computer-aided predictions.
Russell P. Fleming
Out Reach
Planting the Seeds of Safety
Champion Management Teams ‘till the soil' to ensure safety grows in every community.
Meri-K Appy
In Compliance
Human Element Key to Safety Program
NFPA 101® offers essential requirements for emergency planning in health-care facilities.
Struct. Firefighting
Occupancy and Risk-Versus-Benefit Analysis
To properly size up a building, it's crucial to know how and when it's used.
Russ Sanders & Ben Klaene
Inside the Beltway
Prescription for Health-Care Facility Safety
The Life Safety Code® has a long history of protecting patients in hospitals and nursing homes.
Anthony R. O'Neill
Upto Code
Making Renovated Health-Care Facilities Safe
NFPA 5000 spells out when a health-care rehabilitation project needs to be sprinklered.
Ron Coté