Learning from Surprise

In 2019, a massive explosion at an energy storage facility
in Surprise, Arizona, badly injured four firefighters and
exposed numerous safety gaps. With battery installations
rapidly accelerating worldwide, have we learned enough
to prevent the next Surprise?

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Condo Conundrum

Florida building collapse shows the risks of condo ownership, including conflicts that can prevent building repairs

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Connecting the Dots
Former Philadelphia fire commissioner demystifies the CRR process. Read article.

In My Tribe
A crowd crush in Israel highlights the perils of a false sense of collective invulnerability. Read article.


40 Years of Fire Data

For much of the past year, NFPA researchers have been working on a project to collect and analyze the last four decades of residential fire statistics in the United States. While they found that fires and fire deaths have been cut in half since 1980, there are some aspects of the fire problem that are actually worse now than 40 years ago. On this podcast, we talk to researcher Birgitte Messerschmidt about the successes, what these numbers tell us about fire in the US, and why some major challenges linger despite our best efforts.


‘Never Seen a Collapse Like This’
Former fire chief and urban search and rescue specialist discusses the recent building collapse in Miami. Read more.


As NFPA marks its 125th anniversary, NFPA Journal examines the challenges of the past, present, and future

Deadly 4th

Hockey pro’s death and other holiday weekend incidents demonstrate the dangers of consumer fireworks

Class of 2022
Key changes to the next editions of NFPA 72 and NFPA 13, and the consolidation of responder standards.

Group Effort
How small fire departments can be prepared to fight fires at large industrial facilities

A lawsuit filed in Alabama recently claims government officials there neglected to provide adequate fire safety measures at a boat dock where a fire in January 2020 killed eight people. Read more.

Investment in safety cog ECOSYSTEM FAIL  
Plans to move forward with stripping and replacing dangerous exterior wall components, including flammable cladding, on thousands of buildings in the United Kingdom yet again stall during debates over who should pay for the work. Read more.

Preparedness and emergency response cog ECOSYSTEM SUCCESS 
A new online service and smartphone app launches to connect firefighters experiencing mental health issues with clinicians and other firefighters with similar issues. Learn more at redlinerescue.org.

Code compliance cog ECOSYSTEM FAIL 
A fire at a Massachusetts recycling facility reveals the business lacked proper permits and didn't have working sprinklers or a fire alarm system. The company could face serious charges, The Eagle Tribune reports. Read more.

Two people die in Ontario, California, after a large amount of fireworks being stored on a residential property ignite. Read more.

A clothing factory fire in Egypt leaves at least 20 dead and two dozen more injured. Al Jazeera reports it's the latest in a string of Egyptian fires that can be blamed on a lack of safety standards in the country. Read more.

The McKinney Courier-Gazette points to the "significant water damage" resulting from a fire sprinkler discharge, rather than the fact the sprinklers prevented life and property loss. Read more.

Code compliance cog ECOSYSTEM SUCCESS
The state fire marshal of Massachusetts issues a 10-year suspension for a company that violated fire code. Read more.

911 systems across the US are "at a breaking point" financially after receiving next to zero COVID-19–related aid since the pandemic began in April. Read more.

Investment in safety cog ECOSYSTEM SUCCESS  
A local fire investigator rules that fire sprinklers installed eight years ago saved a Texas BBQ joint from being destroyed by a fire this past New Year's Eve. Read more.

Preparedness and emergency response cog ECOSYSTEM SUCCESS 
North Carolina's state fire marshal launches a first responder COVID-19 registry to provide real-time data for state leaders to understand how the virus is affecting responders and what resources are needed to keep them safer.
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Skilled workforce cog ECOSYSTEM FAIL 
Three contractors are charged with negligent homicide for allegedly installing a heating system incorrectly at a New Hampshire couple's home, leading to the couple's death by carbon monoxide poisoning. Read more.

Fires involving photovoltaic arrays have increased five-fold in Australia, due largely to government rules mandating the use of poor equipment. Read more.

North Dakota's governor announces that the state will allow health care workers who tested positive for COVID-19 to continue to treat patients. Read more.


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