Wildfire Prep Day toolkit

Download NFPA’s free toolkit to get help with planning wildfire risk reduction projects

Are you planning what you and your community can do for Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on Saturday, May 1, 2021? Don’t be overwhelmed – download the 2021 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day toolkit for guidance on planning and delivering a great and effective project.

The NFPA Prep Day toolkit shares resources that will help you create your own unique wildfire safety plan. It provides checklists and simple steps to create projects to improve the safety of your home and neighborhood.

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to keep people safe while conducting a project, who to include in your project planning, or 
how to get a $500 project award from NFPA and State Farm to help with your project budget, it’s all in this free, 8-page toolkit.

The steps you take to keep your home and family safer from wildfire will make a difference. Find the toolkit, award application link, fact sheets, announcements, and other resources at www.wildfireprepday.org today!

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Michele Steinberg
Director, Wildfire Division, Disaster safety educator, land use planning advocate. Believes we can end home destruction from wildfires.

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