SUPDET 2014 presentations

Workshop proceedings

See proceedings from the Workshop on Smart Buildings and Fire Safety held on March 7, 2014.

March 4-7, 2014
University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida


Session I: Sprinkler Protection

Improving Sprinkler System Reliability (PDF, 841 KB)
William E. Koffel, P.E. – Koffel Associates, Inc

Material Failures in Fire Protection Systems (PDF, 5 MB)
Jeffrey Pfaendtner, Ph.D. – Crane Engineering

Analysis of Water Distribution Efficiency from a Sprinkler Head (PDF, 3 MB)
James Andy Lynch – Amped R&D
Noah L. Ryder, P.E. – Custom Spray Solutions

High Discharge Pressures for Large Orifice and Extended Coverage Sprinklers (PDF, 756 KB)
Christopher Wieczorek – FM Global

Alternatives to Antifreeze Sprinkler Systems (PDF, 1 MB)
Steve Wolin and Jason Daniels - Code Consultants, Inc.

Session II: High Hazard Challenges

Storage Protection Using Horizontal Barriers and Large K-Factor, Extended Coverage In-Rack Sprinklers (PDF, 1.5 MB) Abstract (PDF, 370 KB)
Thomas Multer – The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co, Inc
Christina Francis, P.E. – P&G Global Fire Protection

Sprinkler Protection of Non-Storage Occupancies with High Ceiling Clearance (PDF, 657 KB)
Peter Thomas – Victaulic

Protection of exposed, unexpanded plastic containers incorporating cartoned, unexpanded plastic commodity in a volume optimized, vertically integrated rack storage array (PDF, 1 MB) Full presentation (PDF, 2 MB)
Dan Steppan – Underwriters Laboratories
Ivar Fjeldheim – Hatteland Computer AS
Session III: Developments in Suppression Technology
Fixed Firefighting Systems – Oxygen Reduction Systems: Active fire prevention vs. passive fire protection (PDF, 2.7 MB) Full presentation (PDF, 6 MB)
Peter Clauss – Wagner Group

Hybrid Water Mist Fire Protection (PDF, 828 KB)
Michael Gollner, Ph.D. and Peter Raia – University of Maryland

Session IV: Environment

Preliminary Studies on the Efficiency of an Environmentally-Friendly Fire-Fighting Agent Based on Starch (PDF, 2.2 MB) Abstract (PDF, 167 KB)
Paul Joseph, Dimitri Bakirtzis, and Quentin Richard – School of the Built Environment and the Built Environment Research Institute, University of Ulster

U.S. Army Hand Held Extinguisher Development: Environmentally Acceptable Fire Suppression Agents and Hardware (PDF, 4 MB) Full presentation Part 1 (PDF, 3 MB) Part 2 (PDF, 2 MB)
J. Douglas Mather, Ph.D., Leonard Lombardo, and Timothy Helton – U.S. Army

U.S. Army Handheld Fire Extinguisher Hardware Development for Use with Blended HFC-227ea/Sodium Bicarbonate Agent (PDF, 1 MB)
Leonard Lombardo, J. Douglas Mather, Timothy Helton, Kevin Dowell, Alivio Mangieri – U.S. Army

Recent Developments of Zero ODP, Low GWP Clean Fire Suppression Agents (PDF, 1 MB) Abstract (PDF, 208 KB)
Mark L. Robin – DuPont Chemicals & Fluoroproducts

Session V: Water Mist

The Science Behind Water Mist Protection of Typical Building Hazards (PDF, 882 KB)
Zachary Magnone, Tyco Fire Protection Products

Water Mist in Buildings: Typical Challenges in Real World Applications (PDF, 817 KB)
Stuart Lloyd, Zurich Risk Engineering UK

Deluge and High Pressure Mist Systems in Highway Tunnels – the International State-of-the-Art (PDF, 208 KB)
Norris Harvey - Hatch Mott MacDonald 


Session I: Mass Notification

Your World is Social. Are you? Social Media Crisis Communications (PDF, 17 MB)
Devon Coquillard, Florida Division of Emergency Management

Security Implications Associated with Mass Notification Systems (PDF, 715 KB)
Ken Modeste, Underwriters Laboratories

Session II: Signaling and Notification

Information Needs of Vulnerable Populations (PDF, 242 KB)
Bryan L. Hoskins, Ph.D. – Oklahoma State University

Parameters for Indirect Viewing of Visual Signals Used in Emergency Notification Abstract (PDF, 467 KB)
John D. Bullough, Ph.D. – Lighting Research Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (PDF, 2 MB)
Robert P. Schifiliti, P.E. – R.P. Schifiliti Associates, Inc. (PDF, 2 MB)

Design for Speech Intelligibility Using Software Modeling (PDF, 654 KB)
Bruce Olson – AMFG Technologies

Session III: Unwanted Alarms

Reducing False Alarms – A case study of selected European countries (PDF, 499 KB) Full presentation (PDF, 501 KB)
Lance Ruetimann – Siemens Switzerland Ltd.

Session IV: Nuisance Alarms
NFPA 72, Chapter 29 Requirements (PDF, 934 KB) Abstract (PDF, 340 KB)
Richard Roberts – Honeywell

Smoke Alarm Nuisance Source Characterization (PDF, 696 KB)
Dan Gottuk, Ph.D. – Hughes Associates, Inc.

Analysis of the Response of Smoke Detectors to Smoldering Fires and Nuisance Sources (PDF, 990 KB) Abstract (PDF, 179 KB)
Jim Milke, Ph.D. – University of Maryland

Panel Discussion of Next Steps for Nuisance Alarms
Amanda Kimball, P.E. – Fire Protection Research Foundation (PDF, 96 KB)
Tom Fabian, Ph.D. – Underwriters Laboratories (PDF, 217 KB)
Tom Cleary, Ph.D. – National Institute of Standards and Technology (PDF, 142 KB)

Session V: Fire Sensitivity Tests

Update on UL PU Foam Task Group Activities (PDF, 2 MB)
Tom Fabian, Ph.D. – Underwriters Laboratories

Impact of New Fire Sensitivity Test Criteria (PDF, 748 KB)
Tom Cleary, Ph.D. – National Institute of Standards and Technology

Session VI: Detection Technology Research

Comparative Fire and Nuisance Performance of Beam Detectors (PDF, 916 KB)
Dan Gottuk, Ph.D. – Hughes Associates

Flame Detection for Silane & Other Non-Hydrocarbon Fires (PDF, 3.5 MB) Abstract (PDF, 178 KB)
Ernesto Vega Janica – Rolf Jensen & Associates

Session VII: Modeling
Validation of Smoke Detector Activation Models (PDF, 5.2 MB) Abstract (PDF, 55 KB)
Kristopher J. Overholt, Kevin B. McGrattan, and Richard D. Peacock – National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Validation of Modeling Tools for Detection Design in High Airflow Environments
Jason Floyd, Ph.D. and Joshua Dinaburg - Hughes Associates, Inc. (PDF, 1 MB)
Sai Thumuluru, Ph.D. – FM Global (PDF, 192 KB)