SUPDET 2013 presentations

2013 Suppression, Detection and Signaling Research and Applications Symposium (SUPDET 2013)
February 25 - March 1, 2013
Doubletree Orlando at SeaWorld 

Fire Detection and Alarm Research Council meeting summary (PDF, 116 KB) 

SUPDET 2013 Workshop: Suppression Research Charrette (PDF, 155 KB) 


Keynote Address

Comparative Loss of Life and Injury Analysis in Commercial, Industrial and Education Institution Housing (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Jim Milke – University of Maryland

Session I:  Detection Technology Research

Use Of Non-Fire Sensors for Fire Detection & Growth Prediction (PDF, 740 KB)
Noah L. Ryder – Delta Q Consultants; Michael Price, Andre Marshall – University of Maryland

Fast Detection of Deflagrations Using Image Processing (PDF, 270 KB) Extended abstract (PDF, 361 KB)
Thomas Schroeder, Klaus Krueger – Institute of Automation Technology, Helmut Schmidt UniversityFelix Kuemmerlen – Bundeswehr Research Institute for Protective Technologies and NBC Protection

Session II:  Detection of Cooking Fires           

Predicators for the Detection of Cooktop Fires (PDF, 14 MB)
Robin Zevotek, Jim Milke – University of Maryland, Thomas Fabian – Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

UL –IIT Gandhinagar Kitchen Fire Safety System (PDF, 1.5 MB) Extended abstract (PDF, 168 KB)
Akshay Jain, Prateek Nyati, Nakul Nuwal – IIT Gandhinagar, Chinmay Ghoroi - IIT Gandhinagar, Pravinray D. Gandhi, Adnan Ansari - Underwriters Laboratories

Standard Cooking Fire Scenarios for Imminent Fire Detection (PDF, 425 KB)
Daniel Gottuk, Joshua Dinaburg – Hughes Associates, Inc.

Session III:  Signaling and Notification

Influence of Visual Signal Flash Intensity and Duration on Perception (PDF, 2.3 MB) Extended abstract (PDF, 135 KB)
John Bullough – Lighting Research Center, RPI

Mass Notification and Intelligent Response – The European Way (PDF, 1 MB)
Peter Loeffler – Siemens Switzerland Ltd.

Update on ANSI/UL 2572, Mass Notification Systems (PDF, 44 KB) Extended abstract (PDF, 54 KB)
Larry Shudak – Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Session IV:  Fire Alarm Networks

Update from the NFPA 72 Task Group on Networks for Fire Alarm and Life Safety (PDF, 963 KB)
Wayne Moore – Hughes Associates, Inc.

Session V:  Residential Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarm Response in One and Two-Story Residential Structures
Thomas Fabian - Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Session VI: Risk

Development of a Risk-Based Decision Support Tool to Assist Fire Departments in Managing Unwanted Alarms (PDF, 343 KB) Extended abstract (PDF, 19 KB)
John Hall – National Fire Protection Association

Session VII: Applications

Detection in Wildland Fires from the Local to the Global Scale (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Albert Simeoni – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Discussion of Research Needs for Issues Related to NFPA 72
Dan Gottuk – Hughes Associates, Bob Schifiliti – R.P. Schifiliti Associates, Inc.


Keynote Address

A Quantitative Approach to Redundancy of Fire Protection Strategies (PDF, 128 KB) Extended abstract (PDF, 22 KB)
John Hall – National Fire Protection Association

Session I:  Sprinkler Protection

NFPA 13, Chapter 21: What Is It and How Can You Benefit From It? (PDF, 541 KB)
Wes Baker – FM Global

Fire Sprinkler System Reliability, Arguments Regarding the Use of CPVC in Fire Sprinkler Systems (PDF, 855 KB) Extended abstract (PDF, 36 KB) 
Scott A. Futrell – Futrell Fire Consulting and Design

Evaluation of Water Additives for Fire Control and Vapor Mitigation (PDF, 574 KB) Extended abstract (PDF, 54 KB)
Joseph L. Scheffey – Hughes Associates, Inc.

Spatially Resolved Spray Scanning System and an Engineering Tool for Evaluating Sprinkler Performance (PDF, 868 KB)
Stephen J. Jordan – Custom Spray Solutions, Noah L. Ryder – Delta Q Consultants, Andre W. Marshall – University of Maryland

Sprinkler Protection for Cloud Ceilings (PDF, 697 KB)
Jason Floyd – Hughes Associates, Inc.

Session II:  High Hazard Challenges

Flammability Characterization Testing of Lithium Ion Batteries
Christopher Wieczorek, Ben Ditch – FM Global (PDF, 1.8 MB)
R. Thomas Long – Exponent (PDF, 2 MB) 

Protection Criteria for Exposed Expanded Plastics (PDF, 2 MB)
Steve Wolin – Code Consultants, Inc.

Panel Presentation - Protection Challenges of IBCs
David Gough – Travelers (PDF, 419 KB) Extended abstract (PDF, 19 KB)
Matt Daelhousen – FM Global (PDF, 325 KB)
David Nugent – Valspar (PDF, 702 KB)

Session III:  Risk

Are You Ready For This –Risk Assessments In The Codes? (PDF, 545 KB)
William E. Koffel – Koffel Associates, Inc.

Session IV: Water Mist

Modeling Water-Mist Based Suppression of 35 GJ Car-Deck Fires Using FDS (PDF, 1.4 KB) Extended abstract (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Meredith Colket, Ragini Acharya, Vaidya Sankaran, Guido Poncia – United Technologies Research Center, Songyang Li – United Technologies Research Center (China) Ltd., Leena Torpo – Marioff Corporation OY

Session V: Clean Agents         

Use of the inert gas Inergen in historic buildings (PDF, 591 KB) Extended abstract (PDF, 586 KB) 
Liv Astrid Bergsager – Stord/Haugesund University College, Haugesund Norway

The Split of Two-Phase-Flow at Horizontal Side-T-junctions in Unbalanced Pipe Systems (PDF, 1.9 MB) Extended abstract (PDF, 438 KB)
Gudrun Fay, Minimax GmbH & CO

Class C Clean Agent Testing Using External Energy Augmentation from 5 To 20 Kw/M2 With And Without Air Movement (PDF, 2 MB)
Bon F. Shaw, Brad T. Stilwell, Gene Hill, Tiradej Bunyarattaphantu  – Fike Corporation

Case Study: Performance Based Sustainable Halon System Replacement for a Critical Military Jet Engine Test Facility (PDF, 1.3 MB) Extended abstract (PDF, 1 MB)
Paul Rivers, William Meyring – 3M Company, Juan Font, US Air Force