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Firefighter Injuries on the Fireground

Report: NFPA's "Firefighter Injuries on the Fireground"
Author: Richard Campbell and Joseph L. Molis
Issued: November 2020 

Report highlights

  • In 2014-2018, there were an estimated average of 25,590 fireground injuries experienced each year by U.S. firefighters.
  • The majority of firefighter injuries were sustained by career firefighters (82% of the total), with volunteer firefighters experiencing 18 percent of injuries. Female firefighters accounted for just four percent of injuries.
  • Exposure to hazards and overexertion or strain were the two leading causes of injury, together accounting for over half of the injuries (51 percent).Other leading causes of injury were slip/trip, contact with object, fall and struck or assaulted.
  • Structure fires were associated with the largest share of firefighter injuries (84 percent).
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